Our Story

We are a husband and wife team from Brisbane ( Australia) who, after having our first child 2 years ago, found ourselves deeper into the world of nappies than we ever expected.

Aware of the health and environmental issues with disposable nappies, we wanted something better. We started with what our parents had used – terry towelling nappies. This gave us a new appreciation for how difficult it was for them. The nappies were time consuming to fold, the pins and snaps were dangerous and our house soon filled with puddles from leaks and dampness from soaked nappies.
Following the disappointment of these, we ventured into the modern cloth nappies and went through dozens of poor products:

  • Nappies with velcro that scratched bubs belly, then lost its hold anyway
  • Nappies that didn’t absorb or contain very well, resulting in leaks and poo explosions
  • Nappies that were too well contained and left red marks on bubs legs

Finally, we took matters into our own hands. We knew what we were after and began speaking to suppliers to create the ultimate nappy. After more trials than we care to admit, we finally found a nappy that we were happy with. It made sense to share our research with other parents to save them from the cost of disposable nappies and the pain of poorly designed cloth nappies.
We truly believe that Forever Nappies are the most comfortable, easy-to-use and eco friendly nappies around. We stand behind them, while our own bub stands in them!

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